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Allstate sucks

After bitching at the adjuster at Allstate for weeks, they finally relented and agreed to move forward with the claim even though they have not received a formal statement yet from their customer. That was last Thursday.

Today as I'm driving home I'm reminded that I still have not heard anything. I get home and in my mailbox is a check for their estimate (50% of what the shop estimates). WTF?!? I think not. Sounds like they're hoping I cash the check and walk away and that's not going to happen. Allstate already told me at their office that the stop I selected is one they deal with all of the time and would work out the details.

So, I just left a firm message that their check is not acceptable and they still have some work to do to resolve this. If I do not receive a response by lunch time, I'll escalate to manager. They need to take immediate action. Otherwise, I will be calling them daily to find out where they are on this claim. It's been over a month since the accident.

Anyone else played this game where you receive a check from the insurance company like this?


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May. 30th, 2007 12:17 pm (UTC)
Last dealing I had with Allstate was about 2002ish.

Their initial estimate was about 3k lower than what the shop actually needed to do. In my case, the body shop handled the renegoiatation. I am inclined to think that they just have a hard time accurately estimating BMWs.

However, they have taken a hard line on claims as of late. Allstate Good Hands for those who timid, everyone else gets the boxing gloves. Actual presentation delivered. It's probably compounded by their insured refusing to give a statement.

Insurance companies are regulated by the state so you can always threaten and then file a complaint with the insurance board in your state.
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