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Car in shop all week, thanks, Allstate

As scheduled I dropped off the car at the shop. They ask me why they weren't contacted regarding the Allstate estimate. Apparently they need to negotiate all of the work when there is a discrepancy in the estimates. No one ever told me I had to do this. Allstate said multiple items that they would handle this. So, instead of it taking 3 days, it will likely take 5 days to do the work. Left message for Allstate to let them know they will be paying for the rental car all week now because they screwed up again. I just don't have problems like this when working with State Farm.

Enterprise picked me up and they had nothing left on the lot except for a mini-van--ugh. At least it was a new one. They told me to come by this evening and they would trade it out for something else. I may just keep what I've got, we'll see. They said Monday morning are notorious for depleting their fleet due to demand.


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Jun. 4th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
State Farm does it the same way. Insurance companies usually have special body shops that they certify to do their estimating and repair work internally. This saves a lot of time, but the really good shops almost never have this approval (after all, a really good shop is going to incur added expenses), and if they do, it's usually only with one company.

FWIW, the shop I use is universally despised by the insurance companies. They charge more than the standard rate, take longer, and replace more parts. They've spent weeks fighting with the insurance company every time I've brought a car to them. (But they do AWESOME paintwork, so...)
Jun. 4th, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
Yep, this shop is one of the best in the area with a good balance between excellent work and good rates. I knew there would have to be some negotiating, but they did not explain how. Because of the discrepancy between the estimates (shop is $1200, Allstate $600) Allstate has to see the car again with the shop--no one told me that. So, I have to wait for this process to finish before they start any work on my car. They gave me explicit instructions on how to do this and none of this was included. That's what ticks me off.

Regardless, it's nice to finally get some action after 5 weeks.
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