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Weekend update (aka, fun with toilets)

So, half way through mid-week I'm realizing by bathroom is really starting to stink. I took some Lysol but it had no effect. Then I realized the stench was coming from the bottom of the toilet--the wax seal was broken..., again. I just had this fixed by a plumber 6-8 months ago and here we are again.

I decided if I wanted it done right, I had to do it myself. I read up on the web and asked Dad on what I needed to do. On Saturday morning I removed the throne and proceeded to clean up the mess. The plumber apparently did not remove the old wax ring. He just added another layer to the crappy one (pun totally intended) already there. I'm putting things back together and realize the bowl is not making contact with the wax. Turns out the flange is recessed too far in the floor. I had to run out and get a thicker wax ring to make up for the gap. Got it installed and that provided the positive seal that I needed.

That was a messy and smelly job. I was grateful to get everything clean again. Toilet works, no leaks, not nearly as noisy as before and no more sewer odor. Otherwise, the weekend was very quiet for a change.



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Jun. 4th, 2007 06:11 pm (UTC)
The world would be pretty sh*tty if it wasn't for plumbers
Congrats. I need to do the same repair at my house. I have been putting it off.

It's one of the more smelly/icky jobs I have had to do.

It does not compare to replacing a sewer ejector pump by far though! That's one that REALLY bites to do on your own.
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