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Weekend (and pre-weekend) update

Another quiet weekend on tap for me.

Thursday morning Consumer Electronics came by and verified that my new TV definitely was not working properly and opened a case with Sony. That afternoon I got my car back from the shop! The repair is seamless with the rest of the car. That's why I choose this shop--Triangle Auto and Body in Durham. I was happy to turn in the mini van rental.

Friday evening was simply spent at home followed by some way overdue clothes shopping. I tend to wear clothes until they have holes in them and then get a bunch of stuff at once (shoes, shorts, khaki's, etc.). Later that night I did a late evening bike rid on the ATT.

Saturday was spent doing clothes and errands. I wanted to stay acclimated to this heat and took a long walk in the afternoon--damn, it was hot. Later I chatted more with my new friend (Marc) across the street from me. Mom and I went out to Chaamps for dinner and then came back to my place to catch up on some more Battlestar Galactica (Dad was out paddling the James in VA). I did find out that the passenger door release was non-functional--not good! Apparently the shop did not reconnect that cable when they worked on the window regulator weeks ago. Grrrr...

Sunday, today, was incredible. It started off with some biking on the ATT near my home (they met at my house) with swindunbar, buzzcubnc and ncbubba. It was good ride and good weather. The afternoon was shocking. I was watching the F1 race (Canada this weekend) and witnessed a horrific accident with Robert Kubica. He appears to have escaped unscathed which is just amazing. It was one of the few times where I was lounging on the couch and then suddenly I was on my feet glued to the TV wondering what had just happened. Below is the crash in slow motion. Bear in mind I think the actual time lapse of this footage is about 4-5 seconds.


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