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Mountain biking weekend

I got a lot of mountain biking in this weekend. Yesterday I spent time with swindunbar and buzzcubnc at Harris Lake park. We were out there for about 2 hours and took our time completing all of the beginner, intermediate and half of the advanced. It was great weather with temps in the 70's and a decent breeze. A lot of people in the park.

Today I took off on my own for more challenging terrain at New Light. I have not been there in months and this was a good time to go. That trail, as expected, kicked my ass. Thank, God, I started off early in the day as it started off in the 70's and was close to 90 by the time I left there 2 hours later with high humidity as well. I was completely drenched in sweat and ended up eating some of my shot blocks to keep my energy up to get back. Found some new trails that got close to the lake, but they're a bit overgrown and need more riders. Got my heart rate up to a new high--195bpm. I had to stop several times to keep from breathing so hard and overheating. In the 2 hours period, I traveled 6.13 miles, 1h 11m of cycling time and an average heart rate of 167bpm. That was a workout for me. I was surprised there weren't that many riders out there.

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