To grrr, or not to grrr? That is the question.

Shy, laid back, masculine, introverted, bearish guy with a career in UNIX system administration who relocated from Durham, North Carolina (after living there fore 23 years) to Seattle, Washington for a great job with a big travel company as of Auguest 2010. Love to snowboard, mountain bike, photograph and participate in performance driving schools with BMWCCA and ACNA. When I'm not doing all that stuff I volunteer with Civil Air Patrol and help build mountain bike trails.

About 50% of my entries are for friends only due to work sensitive issues, deeper personal feelings or just letting off some serious steam from the day. The term "friend" is used in the context of LJ. If I friended you it's likely because a recent posting of yours caught my eye; I read your profile and journal; and you seemed like someone I'd like to know more about through LJ. It's entirely up to you if you want to friend me back and no offense taken if you don't. If you friended me first, don't be offended if I don't friend you back--it's not personal. If I later "defriend" you (I hate that word), again, it's not personal. Too many posts overwhelms me and sometimes I need to cut back.

As a courtesy to all LJ viewers, this journal is my own. There are many others like this, but this one is mine. I write what I want to, when I want to. While public entries are "clean" for the most part, my friend entries may not be for kids (profanity, sex and other human expressions). Consider yourself warned.